Eaton Airflex AMCB AccuStop® clutch and brake combinations pack a low-maintenance, high-performance punch. Featuring an air-actuated disc clutch and a spring-applied disc brake, Airflex AMCB AccuStop® units are engineered for small- to medium-tonnage, high-speed, high-cycle punch presses. They deliver high torque and low inertia in a compact design.


  • Ductile iron cylinders promote long cycle life under tough industrial conditions
  • Low-inertia components decrease energy loss, optimize cycle times and limit friction material wear
  • Long-life friction material reduces downtime, maintenance and replacement costs
  • Consistent, stable stopping angle decreases the need for adjustments to the press
  • Bolted friction shoes simplify replacement by eliminating the need for disc removal
  • Designed-in safety feature provides a visual signal at the end of friction material life, ensuring that enough torque remains to stop the operation
  • Engineered, self-lubricating composite bushings maintain quiet operation
  • Eaton is ISO 9001 certified and our Airflex AMCB AccuStop™ design conforms to all relevant portions of ANSI B11.1 standard for metal forming presses



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