Draglines, power shovels and conveyors are just a few examples of machinery that require high-cyclic or high-inertia stops—exactly where Eaton Airflex DBA disc-style brakes excel. Featuring large friction areas to absorb and dissipate energy, Eaton Airflex DBA brakes are available as spring-applied and air- or hydraulically-released, with either solid or ventilated discs to match the speed of the application.


  • Single-disc units require no wear adjustment and dual-disc units require only one wear adjustment during the long life of the friction material.
  • Static torque capacities up to 386,630 lb•in (43.050 N•m) equalize torque in either direction of rotation
  • Available in a wide range of standard sizes: 117DBA, 217DBA, 121DBA, 221DBA, 129DBA, 229DBA, 329DBA



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