Eaton Airflex DBB disc-style brakes are the ideal solution for cyclic applications—bottling equipment, power shovels, shears and power presses—where heat dissipation is critical. Spring-applied and air- or hydraulically-released, these brakes feature long-wearing, self-lubricating PolyPak seals to eliminate premature twisting failure.


  • Optional split friction discs simplify maintenance by allowing friction discs to be removed without disturbing other components of the drive system in mid-shaft brake arrangements
  • Low-inertia friction disc assembly improves reliability by reducing the overall inertia that must be stopped
  • Static torque capacities up to 2,535,750 lb•in (286.524 N•m) equalize torque in either direction of rotation
  • Available in a wide range of standard sizes: 109DBB, 209DBB, 309DBB, 115DBB, 215DBB, 120DBB, 220DBB, 320DBB, 420DBB, 125DBB, 225DBB, 325DBB, 425DBB, 138DBB, 238DBB, 338DBB, 438DBB

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