When precise balance of rotating components is a must—even at higher operating speeds—trust the reliable performance of Eaton Airflex DBBS disc style brakes. These spring-applied and air- or hydraulically-released brakes are engineered to dissipate heat and are ideal for non-cyclic applications.


  • Static torque capacities up to 5,578,000 lb•in (630,282 N•m) equalize torque in either direction of rotation
  • Available in a wide range of standard sizes: 120DBBS, 220DBBS, 320DBBS, 420DBBS, 125DBBS, 225DBBS, 325DBBS, 425DBBS, 138DBBS, 238DBBS, 338DBBS, 438DBBS 150DBBS, 250DBBS, 350DBBS, 450DBBS



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