Whether they’re used as slip clutches, tension brakes or just general power transmission service, Eaton Airflex E elements are ideal for handling the large thermal loads of medium-speed cyclic applications. With simple air engagement and a spring-assisted release to counteract centrifugal force, E elements excel at moderate to heavy-duty service in construction equipment, marine winches, metalworking machinery and more.


  • Element design provides excellent slip clutch and tension brake service when coupled with an air-agitating, ventilated drum
  • Torque capacities available up to 1,010,000 lb•in (114,000 N•m)
  • Available in a wide variety of standard sizes: 12E475, 14E475, 16E475, 19E475, 21.5E475, 24E475, 27E475, 30E600, 34E600, 40E700



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