Eaton’s Airflex HEVC products are designed to excel in severe clutching and braking applications on heavy-duty equipment. By expanding the energy capacity of traditional drum-clutch products, the HEVC can provide longer slip times (up to 15 sec in grinding mills) and are capable of sustaining high torque levels at high temperatures. Upgrade kits are available, providing a quick and easy solution to troublesome installations. The Airflex HEVC is the best choice to further improve efficiency and extend operating life of driveline


  • Ventilated construction dissipates heat rapidly
  • Low Friction Wear
  • Capable of sustaining torque instead at high temperatures
  • Increases allowable start/stop time, up to 15 seconds at highest energy
  • Available in dual wide and single wide sizes: 28HEVC1000, 51HEVC1600, 60HEVC1600, 66HEVC1600, 76HEVC1600 and 76HEVC2000



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