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Hydraulic caliper brakes

In partnership with Coremo Ocmea, Eaton offers a complete range of hydraulic brakes, including hydraulic caliper and direct hydraulic brakes in oil-applied and spring-applied types. With a legacy of meticulous design, high-quality components and a reliable production process, our caliper brakes offer:

  • Fast response time for maximum safety
  • Long lifetime and simple maintenance for reduced machine downtime
  • Customization based on climate, duty cycles, temperatures and other environmental challenges, providing a solution for most industrial applications
  • Features such as custom coatings and spring sets that help ensure the product will not fail prematurely


  • Hydraulic caliper brakes feature spheroidal graphite (SG) iron levers and steel thrusters; direct hydraulic brakes feature SG iron or steel bodies
  • Wear indicators and inductive on/off positioning sensors are standard on direct hydraulic brakes and optional on hydraulic caliper brakes
  • A wide range of friction materials is available to meet customer needs
  • Suitable for different disc thicknesses
  • Simple, fast manual wear compensation
  • Easy and quick replacement of pad carriers
  • Clamping forces range from 10,000 N to 750,000 N
  • Operating temperatures range from -20°C to 200°C, with solutions available for -40°C to 200°C in the direct hydraulic brake line
  • Custom paints, coatings and treatments are available for extreme environments
Hydraulic caliper brakes

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